A Not-So-Sweet Tax On Candy : NPR

A Not So Sweet Tax on Candy: NPR

you know there’s something wrong with the way food is made when debate surrounds what can be considered candy or not. this sweet tidbit from npr made me laugh.

Suddenly a Snickers bar is candy but a Twix isn’t…That’s because Kit Kats have flour in them, explains Patrick Gillespie of Washington state’s Department of Revenue. And flour is the not-so-secret ingredient that determines whether something is candy or not — at least if you’re the taxman. If it has flour, it’s not candy.

“We find that looking at flour as the definition of whether something is a food or not is really quite arbitrary,” Smith says.

Does she have a better definition?

“Boy, that’s a tough one. It might be the emotional definition that might determine what candy is rather than a specific ingredient or two,” Smith says.

my friend katie comforts me, and my brother makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside– does that mean that they’re candy? they’re both very sweet, after all..

it’s not that hard– we know twix isn’t a hearty, nourishing meal. soon, candy producers will be adding flour here and there to their products to avoid being taxed..

props to states that are making moves on instating a tax, now let’s put our heads together and come up with an intelligible set of reasoning that legitimizes the regulation.


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