caroll street cafe: cabbagetown, atl

atlanta, georgia: known for it’s musical talent, peaches, and i honestly don’t know what else.. maybe georgia tech football?

my time there, though, was spent exploring the places where all the cool kids go. ie. virginia highlands, and cabbagetown (there are more, i just forgot them). despite it’s misleading name, cabbagetown isn’t much more than one and a half short streets of bohemian/hole in the wall restaurants/galleries/bars. to me it was charleston meets the mairigny (nola).

excited to jump into this great big town, my friend and i giddily marched up carrol street only to realize that it was .. caroll street. forlorn but on a mission to eat before england played someone i now forget in the world cup, we thought we had settled for the caroll street cafe, but were pleasantly surprised. it’s a roomey spot- lots of heads leaning into laptops, friends on lunch dates or escaping the heat on couches, and lined with charming wood finishing, chalkboards, stacked bottles of wine.

this place serves brunch, has a changing tapas menu, french classics like steamed mussels, escargot, croque-monsieur, and cafe food- salads, burgers, crabcake.

we shared the escargot: succulent and soaked in butter, garlic and parsley

sara had a crabcake sandwhich, and i had the house veggie burger- both perfectly enjoyable.

the desert window was the most impressive. i’m talking seven or eight exquisite and pristine layer cakes, apparently of all flavors. i made my friend choose– the chocolate pecan pie. she loved it, i thought it was too sweet and too chocolately- but i’m not a chocolate person i have a low tolerance for sweet thing.. whatever that means.

overall, good experience, especially for one on one time.

caroll street cafe- cool spot.


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