“feed the future” vs. feed the filthy rich?

the race to overrun african soil with GM seeds continues, regardless of consequences and convenient misinformation to native farmers…

Congress Discusses Ways to “Feed the Future” | Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy.

“The biggest corporate beneficiary … would be GMO-seed giant Monsanto, whose representative Gerald Steiner spoke primarily of the importance of presenting farmers with choices. “The beauty of helping with better seeds is that they can be used by and benefit every farmer,” elaborated Steiner, who later failed to answer Representative Payne’s question on whether African countries and farmers were fully informed of the ramifications of biotech seeds.”

“…Evelyn Nassuna of Lutheran World Relief and Jennifer Smith Nazaire of Catholic Relief Services also voiced reservations regarding the current direction of Feed the Future. Ms. Nassuna reiterated several times that rather than starting new member groups, Feed the Future officials should embrace the existing, organized farmer groups within target countries who represented the primary stakeholders in the program. Unhappy with the inclusion of civil society groups thus far in the local development of Feed the Future country plans, Ms. Nazaire feared emphasized that Feed the Future should ultimately seek to feed the poorest people in the poorest countries, and not to boost the growth of agribusiness.”


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