props to a magazine that i love. Edible Blue Ridge Summer 2010

edible covers the local food scene in several areas around the nation, including the blue ridge mountain area, where quaint little charlottesville, virginia is located. local food systems aren’t necessarily the most efficient for all parts of the country, but this mag gives you the low-down on any interesting (and usually cheap) food news/events in your local area.

i learned from the summer issue that Unilever (food giant) owns the rights to the word “popsicle.” and this whole time i thought it was just another word! according to trusty wiki-p, once marketed as a frozen drink on a stick, a guy named epperson accidentally froze a drink with a stick in it in 1905. he eventually turned the accident into a business, changed the name from “epsicle ice pop” to “popsicle,” then sold the rights to a company that later sold it to a Unilever subsidiary in 1989.

well. nothing like an iced fruit pop in the summer. pick your local edible magazine in restaurants and food stores in your area.


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