lethal food (gasp!)

Op-Ed Contributor – Unsafe at Any Meal – NYTimes.com.

taking us back to Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” Eric Schlosser, author of Supersize Me, critiques the ethics that guide food production and food safety (or lack thereof, apparently).

“You’d think that a bill with such broad support, on a public health issue of such fundamental importance, would easily reach the floor of the Senate for a vote. But it has been languishing, stuck in some legislative limbo. If it fails to gain passage by the end of this session, Congress will have to start from scratch again next year.”

“What the legislation actually seeks is some restraint on unchecked corporate power. We’ve seen what happens when Wall Street is allowed to regulate itself and when the oil industry is allowed to regulate itself. How could it possibly make sense to let the food industry continue to write its own rules?”


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