go michelle!

“A Food Bill We Need” Michelle Obama, Washington Post 8/2/10.the first lady gettin her garden on

An Opinion piece in today’s washington post by our first lady.

Michelle Obama’s campaign, “Let’s Move!” aims to fight childhood obesity- quickly- to prevent future generations from the burdens of chronic illness. The first lady’s right- we all have a stake in the health of future generations.

the stats are troublesome:

over 12.5 million children are considered to be overweight– 10% of 2-5 year olds, 20% of 6-11 year olds, 18.1% of 12-19 year olds.

*meanwhile over two-thirds of the adult population is considered to be overweight or obese

the close association between overweight and diabetes means these kids are at high risk for a disease that used to be called “adult onset diabetes.” the cdc estimates that 57 million adults over twenty had pre-diabetes in 07.

The Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act isolates specific settings (schools, daycare, after school care) and administrative problems (paperwork overload to enroll for benefits, especially at public schools) that have been key in setting environments where it’s easy for kids to eat unhealthy food.

Below is a small summary of the provisions from www.HealthyKidsHealthyFuture.com. this legislation is a big step for  prevention of more health risks for our kids. contact your representative and ask them to support it! (linked from center for science in the public interest)

Provisions within the House CNR bill impacting child care include:

  • Resource Sharing Between Programs-Allows the WIC program to share existing information and materials with CACFP providers to streamline nutrition messages, maximize resources, and minimize administrative burden on CACFP providers.
  • Supporting Program Sponsors to Improve Access-Simplifies the administrative requirements for sponsoring organizations and increases the formula for reimbursement to sponsors for the purpose of meeting a recognized gap in administrative costs and current reimbursement.

    Simplifying Program Rules and Reducing Paperwork for Child Care and Community-based Programs-Provides CACFP sponsors with flexibility over administrative funds, eliminates the need for providers to resubmit duplicative paperwork each year, and eliminates paperwork and monitoring requirements that do not effectively identify erroneous payments.

    Meal Service for Children in Child Care– Authorizes home-based child care providers to offer an additional meal or snack for children in child care for over 8 hours in 5 states.

  • Improving Nutrition in Child Care Settings Ensures that meals offered in child care settings reflect the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Provide guidance, technical assistance, and competitive grants to caregivers on nutrition and wellness issues important to promote children’s health and support the benefits provided by reimbursable meals and snacks. Recognizes and rewards high performing States and institutions that take a comprehensive approach to promote nutrition and wellness in child care programs participating in CACFP.
  • CACFP Nutrition Assessment- Authorizes a study to better understand the nutritional quality of meals served in CACFP

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