i’m in love… with a latte

alas, it’s true! and it’s located at Dolcezza… (please, don’t tell Para.)

i still remember the fateful day, just one week ago, when i stopped in to meet a friend who had called in advance to double check that what i wanted was a soy-latte (of course i wanted a soy latte. and for all you haters, i’m lactose intolerant, not a milk snob.) i was mid-sentence, bitching about something or other in a flurry and the instant this sweet elixir touched my lips i was moved to silence– i was, for a rare instant, speechless. i sputtered for a second at the barista, finally spitting out “… this is a great latte. really. this is incredible…” before looking back at my friend in disbelief. it must be the “thick, creamy ristretto shots of Toscano Espresso,” that they claim on their website. yeah.. that must be it..

that night i slept feverishly, yearning for another sweet, soy, latte and i’ve been back to dolcezza three times since. it’s no surprise that my new co-workers suggested we stop in for a break an hour or so ago, my second stop in for the day– it was fated.

so i’m not really one for bougey artisinal over-priced nonsense. Dolcezza is known in dc for it’s artisanal gelato: we’re talking seasonal flavors a la ” yellow nectarine,” lemon ricotta cardomom,” and “avocado honey orange.” easy tiger, wipe away that drool. i know. anyway, originally exclusive to georgetown, a new shop has opened on Connecticut Ave., and this one emphasizes its delicious coffee, vs. gelatto.

each cup of coffee (choose from four featured drafts) is brewed individually–that is hot water is hand-poured into a filled filter that drips directly into your cup. i’ll admit, at $2.70 plus tax a cup, plus extra for soy, i find my soy latte at $3.90 something to be a better deal..

other fun features: delicious-looking pastries from local bakery bonaparte, dulce de leche filled churros (rolll your r’s over that shit) and a gibraltar: an adorably bougey closet-cappuccino that swears she’s a latte. ((whatever, if you have any coffee know-how, like the Dolcezza baristas who participate in dc’s thursday night throwdowns, you’ll know how to appreciate a gibraltar.))

what can i say, i’m a slut for a good soy latte. i’ll cut my loyalties to my favorite cville joints if it means i can drink this stuff everyday. too bad i can’t afford that… but it does make you pity the poor bastards who think that starbucks is worth paying for. (disclaimer: I’M SORRY  if you like starbucks. it’s just that i KNOW for a fact that coffee can taste better, and i want you to be able to experience that firsthand!)

Dolcezza, dupont circle

1704 connecticut ave. nw

do it. you won’t regret it.


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