kale chips

an easy go-to when kale is in season- NOW. these are so fun to make! the heat from the broiler basically dehydrates the kale, but extremely quickly so they are crisp but still flavorful within minutes.

i just made this for myself, so multiply for several servings..

soy/redpepper kale chips


2 TBSP vinegar (rice is best, red wine works too.)

1 TBSP soy sauce

2-3 TBSP water

2 TBSP sesame or olive oil

1/2 TBSP red pepper flakes

pre-heat the oven on 400

tear 5 kale leaves into small, bite-sized pieces:

combine and whisk dressing in a small bowl, and toss the leaves in this dressing in a larger bowl.

oil a baking pan- lay the pieces of kale evenly across it, making sure that they don’t overlap. give a tleast  1 or 2 cm of room between each. here, shake any excess dressing off.

(i find that the more drip there is, the longer each chip takes to bake, which results in some burnt and others soggy..)

turn oven up to broil and pop the pan in. if possible move the oven rack down to the third tier.

bake for 3-5 minutes, checking frequently ( it’s ridiculous how quickly these things can burn)…this is the fun part- you get to sit and listen to them sizzle while your mouth waters for the end result!

***this is a re-post from last summer, and i want to try different dressings this week and see how they turn out. if you have any ideas, let me know!

pesto parmesan kale chips:

1 TBSP pesto sauce

squeeze one half of a lemon

1 TBSP rice vinegar

1 TBSP olive oil

2-3 TBSP water (depending on the consistency you’d prefer. i like a lighter coating..)

toss kale pieces in the dressing and bake. once you’ve removed them coat with shredded or grated parmesan and let cool. yum.

*chips should be crisp, but not too browned when done.


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