Obesity and.. babies??

My friend made a joke about 50 lb. babies, and it got me wondering. So i googled “obese babies” to snoop around in regards to the issue. Childhood obesity is not new, but I haven’t heard much about obesity and… babies:

According to a study in the most recent issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion, 32 percent of 9-month-old babies are obese or overweight, as are 34 percent of 2-year-olds. The study compares data for 7,500 American babies born in 2001, and finds that among each age group, nearly a third of the babies were fell into weight ranges analogous to the adult categories of “overweight” and “obese.” Moreover, the study found that babies who are obese or overweight at nine months are more likely to maintain their high weight by age two. In other words, it seems to put them on a track. Here’s a closer look at what the study found, and how people are taking the news:

How to go about reversing trends in obesity when they start so early? 20% of kids 6-11 year olds were obese in 2008!

The weight gain issue is so complex and has taken off so quickly that even though our nation’s problem of obesity and overweight is well-acknowledged, there’s less information out there about how people are trying to change it.. Anyway, without having looked too much into the background of this study, pretty unsettling.

**edited to add: i should mention notable strides in regards to kids food and health this past year. like the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act (which has received lots of criticism for being so scaled down from the original version- lots of caveats- but also offers room for improvement in regards to school-meals and overall nutrition standards in schools.)

One-Third of 9-Month Old Babies Are Obese or Overweight – Technology – The Atlantic Wire.


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