daily reads

Are Vegetables and Exercise Causing Childhood Obesity in China? – Hans Villarica – Life – The Atlantic.

Check out how the Atlantic compares the American and Chinese obesity surges. Vegetables driving obesity? It makes so little sense that the researchers are forced to look at external causes, linked to culture.

Also, props to these youth organizers at Rethink, a New Orleans nonprofit who have created a “Zombie” music vid to express their points of view of food and health as it affects them. Forget us twenty-somethings, these kids are heros! They will be speaking about these issues at a news conference in New Orleans today– best of luck!

Finally, today is the day to ask the FCA to expand the Farm Credit System to be more cognizant of the credit needs of small and mid-sized farmers, many of whom struggle to do business while  their huge, industrial ag competitors thrive. Small farms and local producers need financial assistance and inclusive policies to survive these days.  If you’re a fan of the farmer’s market, local food hubs, or having access to fresh produce nearby, this affects you, too!

Comment here, where you’ll also find some talking points and details about what more access to the Farm Credit System could do for local food producers and sellers.


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