Food Politics » New research on childhood obesity

Marion Nestle shared some new studies out from Childhood Obesity. These three are research reports that cover interventions:

Effect of Secular Trends on a Primary Prevention Trial: The HEALTHY Study Experience
Authors: F. Kaufman, K. Hirst, J. Buse, G.D. Foster, L. Goldberg, M. Schneider, M. Staten, E.M. Venditti, M. White, and Z. Yin, for the HEALTHY Study Group

Behavioral Self-Regulation and Weight-Related Behaviors in Inner-City Adolescents: A Model of Direct and Indirect Effects
Authors: C.R. Isasi and T.A. Wills

Bridging the Gap between Family-Based Treatment and Family-Based Research in Childhood Obesity
Authors: J.A. Skelton, M.B. Irby, and B.M. Beech

This one looks at food and beverage marketing from various perspectives: The Role of Food and Beverage Companies in Shaping Family Food Choices
Authors: D. Lubetzky, S. Goldman, G. Mateljan, and J. Posner

Nothing like some childhood obesity reports for weekend reading. Thanks, Marion!

Food Politics » New research on childhood obesity.


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