daily reads: famine, photography and faith

developing international pornography? and the price of a single story: revisiting the proverbial “development pornography problem.” it might be old news for some, but pathetic images from the continent still make it into the mainstream media. sure, it pulls on our heartstrings and engages readers/donors but at what cost?

architecture and famine: while the starving kids are on the front pages, what’s the backstory to the famine in east africa? i for one am still figuring that out. this article made my head heart, but offers valuable points about misrepresentation, the systems that drive crises like the one in somalia, and how we construct suffering. (it’s rahhhther cereeebral, but worth reading!)

later this week i’ll post about ways you can support local initiatives working in crisis-relief in somalia.

back to the us of a..

preaching a healthy diet in the deep-fried delta: despite evoking some stereotypes, i appreciate this article for drawing attention to two things that i think are too commonly left out of food writing: taste matters, and so do generational habits. food is way complex, its more than health, its more than access, and yes, culture has everything to do with what we eat. interesting collision of faith and food here. thoughts on church intervention vs. state intervention? is banning sweet tea for church-goers any different from banning soft drinks for food stamp users?

and…do you know who george jackson was?


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