La Via Campesina’s message on International Women’s Day | Raj Patel

an inspirational message from the movers and shakers of the global movement for food justice and sovereignty, La Via Campesina. women make our food systems possible. on this day and everyday, we should recognize their role in keeping us fed.

La Via Campesina is an international movement of peasants, small- and medium-sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers. We are an autonomous, pluralist and multicultural movement, independent of any political, economic, or other type of affiliation. Born in 1993, La Via Campesina now gathers about 150 organisations in 70 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The Via Campesina message on International Women’s Day

We welcome the International Day of Action and Struggle that the Women of La Via Campesina are holding at global level. The objective is to denounce the advances of capitalism in agriculture via transnational companies as well as the destructive model of agribusiness that is threatening not only peoples’ food sovereignty, but also the environment. It is directly threatening women’s lives and freedom.

La Via Campesina clearly wishes to state that it is essential to raise the level of awareness of all men and women, by emphasizing the important role and the historical and current value of women’s contribution to small-scale family/peasant farming. They play an important part in preserving ancestral know-how and seeds, and guarantee the biodiversity and food sovereignty of peoples. It is highly regrettable that rural women, who account for 80% of food production, only own 2% of the land.

As La Via Campesina women and men struggle together to decry male chauvinist attitudes at both political and economic levels in the capitalist, patriarchal society that dominates today’s world. We shall mobilise to fight the offensive of the transnational companies that are grabbing our territories, our resources and our work, and shall continue to build a society based on equality and justice.

We share the challenges of integral agrarian reform, ending land-grabbing and guaranteeing social justice that will serve as a means of consolidating food and environmental sovereignty, and ending violence against women. We struggle to achieve agriculture based on agro-ecology, defending our land, water and seeds, and against the commodification of life.

La Via Campesina says Stop Violence against Women!

Women’s struggles against agribusiness, agrochemicas and for food sovereignty, health and women’s sovereignty!

Globalise the struggle! Globalise hope!

via La Via Campesina and the International Women’s Day | Raj Patel.


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