things i’m loving this monday

Sir Victor Uwaifo: Guitar Boy (thanks jp)

zebra ladies by TIKA (one of my favorites, check his site:

and this op-ed from Food First, critiquing Bill Gates’ popular AGRA initiative, which seeks to start the “Green Revolution for Africa.” AGRA is a controversial topic, and I don’t know enough to take a definitive stance, but am wary of any development initiative that is co-led by Monsanto.

Poverty is the result of a dominant global economic system that considers traditional farmers, who produce mainly for local consumption, not export, as not contributing to the gross domestic product. To force these “BOPs” into the industrial agriculture system ignores their requirements. Gates’ philanthropy is undemocratic at both ideological and practical levels. It ignores democratically derived African solutions to our food security problems. Further, it runs counter to the traditional methodology of bi- and multilateral foreign aid, which is obliged to consider local policies and sensitivities.


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