DOLMA PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s Always Yummy in Philadelphia

DOLMA PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s Always Yummy in Philadelphia.

Visiting Philly anytime soon? This should inspire you to!

My lovely friend Sara’s recommendations for delicious veg-friendly food in Philly. Here’s a sneak peak, the rest, with photos,  are on her beautiful blog, Dolma Photography.

(warning: her descriptions WILL make your mouth water.)

– the 100% vegan restaurant Vedge, which takes veggies to another level. Trust me, you will want to finish your vegetables. Plus, the atmosphere is upscale but comforting, kind of like dining in someone’s really nice house.

– goat cheese, sundried tomato and pistachio guacamole at El Vez, with a salty Pink Cadillac margarita made the perfect Sunday morning brunch – part 1.

– the creamiest, lick-your-plate sheep’s milk ricotta drizzled with balsamic, on a crusty piece of grilled bread as the start to an incredible dinner at Barbuzzo. We were so full we couldn’t even fit in dessert – that night. We ordered their salted caramel budino to go and savoured it the next day (with spoon, below). This dessert has attained a cult-like following and I am now a believer.


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