how to roast eggplant

beautiful illustration credit:

1. pre-heat at 425
2. cut your eggplant in half lengthwise, or, in slices (depends on what dish you intend to make)
3. in a bowl, toss and rub eggplant in olive oil, salt, chopped garlic, and black pepper.
4. spread eggplant slices on an (olive) oiled baking pan or lay eggplant halves face down
5. place in oven, covered for 25 minutes (eggplant should be tender).
6. remove from oven but keep covered! the steam will help the meat of the eggplant separate from the skin, which will make it easier for you to peel off.

stove-roasted eggplant: i prefer this because it gives the eggplant a deliciously smoky flavor. essentially, place the eggplant directly on the stove flame, turning every few minutes, until the skin is charred and the flesh begins to sink in. check out this video for a step by step tutorial with wonderful narration:


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