photo: food in togo- palm nuts

i’ve been on the go on my favorite continent for a while now with little time to cook or blog. But the countries/cities/villages I’ve visited are stunning and my eyes are eating like a queen. here’s the first of a few photos from my travels.

palm nuts//graines de palmes

taken in Niamtougou, Baga; Togo. Niamtougou is a city in the north of Togo.

these gorgeous gems are the source of palm oil,  which goes into our food as well our soap products (think Palmolive).  more importantly – for me- they are the source of the decadent west african classic, “sauce graine,” which translates literally into “seed sauce.” to make this sauce, the nuts are boiled, compressed to remove the oil, pounded, and squeezed for the rich pulp. it’s a laborious process and nowadays those of us who haven’t the time nor access to these red beauties nuts use the canned version.



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