the easiest mushroom, corn, and watercress miso soup

now that it’s finally nice and hot out, i only want to eat light, fresh summery goodness. i love this soup because you can eat it hot or cold. sweet crunchy corn meets a subtle bite from the watercress all in a nice hearty broth. i’ve posted before about how easy it is to make soup broth; for this soup you can skip the broth entirely and just add miso to boiling water.


spring/summer mushroom, corn, watercress miso soup


1 ear of corn, corn cut from cob (save cob for broth!)

2 heaping tbs miso

1 cup roughly chopped mushrooms (i used a bunch of enoki mushrooms and about 6 chopped oyster mushrooms)

2 shiitake mushrooms (for broth, optional)

1 bunch/large handful water cress

2 inches ginger, grated

5 cups  water


cut the corn from the cob. bring the water to a boil, and once it starts rolling, add the corn cob and shiitake mushroom. turn down to medium and let simmer for 20 minutes.

while water boils, roughly chop watercress, trim and chop mushrooms, and grate the ginger. i encourage you to be generous with your ginger.

remove the corn cob and dry mushrooms from the broth. add the miso and stir. taste the broth. add salt/soy sauce, red pepper flakes, more water and/or miso to your liking. note- i made this especially concentrated so that i could add water to it with each serving (i wanted it to last me a few days, and it’s easier to add water to a concentrated miso soup than to make 2 quarts of soup that will take up way too much room in the fridge!)

once the broth is to your liking, throw in the mushrooms. after 1-2 minutes, throw in the corn and watercress. stir well, turn off stove, and cover the pot. after 10 minutes all of the vegetables will be lightly, but not too cooked. this is essential, because as we all know- texture is everything!



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