ode to thanksgiving (vegetarian recipe round-up)

tgiving meme

i absolutely love thanksgiving! for one, moments to sit around a table and share delicious meals with your loved ones seem fewer and further between, but they’re important.

i love the points that this article makes about how we can learn from the way we plan and approach our thanksgiving week meals, too.

“As we try to juggle food choices, tight budgets and busy schedules — and the constant question of what to make for dinner — we could do nothing smarter than approach all our meals as we do Thanksgiving: expecting each and every thing we cook to feed us well tomorrow and the day after, envisioning an efficient unraveling of future meals from previous ones, always having something to start with.

How much easier and more affordable eating would be if we looked at January’s chicken, February’s bread and March’s broccoli with the intelligence we do November’s turkey.”

(from Thanksgiving Thrift: The Holiday as a Model for Sustainable Cooking)

in case you’re still planning that menu, here are some veg-friendly thanksgiving recipes from brooke and steph’s kitchen over the years:

stuffed spaghetti squash with quinoa, mint, and nuts

roasted sweet potato and cauliflower with sage

yamakoshi picarones 

brooke’s butternut squash soup with pear, cider, and vanilla bean

roasted fennel and orange salad

steph’s sweet potato pie

happy thanksgiving!


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